Bacon and Cucumber Sandwich – a summer treat

This bacon and cucumber sandwich is the best light summer brunch or lunch ever.

First of all, you need good bacon. If it comes out of a package or from a standard grocery store, don’t even think of it as bacon – it is some type of industrial by-product that I would worry about even giving to the dogs (although they may have different views….).

Good bacon generally means from a butcher or deli that either cures or sources their own. Many flavor variants are available so use the one you like best, but for this sandwich I like old fashioned basic bacon.

Ingredients for one sandwich:
4 strips of bacon
1/2 cucumber
2 slices of bread
mayonnaise (optional).


  1. Grill bacon in oven on broiling pan (not too close to the heat since it’s likely to singe there). Bacon should never be cooked to any type of texture that is hard or, and please apologize to all forms of porcines if you do this, crispy. Properly cooked bacon is moist-when the fat is no longer hard it’s cooked. Simple.
  2. Put cooked bacon in paper towel wrapped to soak up any excess fat, and keep warm.
  3. Slice cucumber thin and put on whatever bread you like. The simpler the bread flavor the more you taste the bacon-as you can probably guess I use the most basic white bread available at my local bakery. In case I forgot to mention it, packaged products from the grocery are exactly what bread is not. Don’t waste your time on this whole dish if anything came out of a package.
  4. If you like mayo at all put on a thin shmear, and add bacon and eat.
  5. Instead of mayo maybe try a small amounts of either mustard or cheddar. Again, the more of anything else you put on the less you taste the bacon. I don’t understand the mind that doesn’t want to taste bacon 24 hours a day………
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