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Summer Shrimp Pasta – a taste of Provence

Nothing is more evocative of summer in Provence than a light and flavor-filled shrimp dish. What if you’ve never been there, you say? Trust me when I say it makes no difference, you will think you have been there after this dish.

Chuck's noodly dish recipes

Chuck’s Noodly Dish – a tasty one-dish meal

Inspired by my mother’s dish of Hungarian noodles that was a delicious staple growing up, years ago I set out to try and adapt it to ingredients that were readily available – cooking that was easier and here is the result. Not at all the same thing, but still a […]

How to cook lobster

How to cook the Perfect Lobster

Having grown up on the east coast, lobster has a special place in my heart stomach (that organ that craves things that are delicious and bring back great memories). So readers will forgive me if I spend a bit more time on this recipe to get it just right for […]

Split Pea Soup Recipe

Summer Split Pea Soup Recipe

Split pea soup is considered a hearty, stick to your ribs meal, chez Chuck. I was in the mood for it the other day and didn’t fancy that kind of heaviness during a heat wave.


How to make Prime Rib Roast

The first thing you need to do is determine the cooking time for your prime rib roast, here is a handy chart to help get you started. HOWEVER, different cuts and different ovens cook differently – your first temperature check with a meat thermometer should be about half way through […]